Saturday, October 18, 2008

Name the Ticket

I've been playing around with other names for the McCain/Palin ticket, other than "Team Crankypants," which is getting a little old--so I want to open it up for suggestions. Here's a few I've been considering:

"Grumpy McSame & Tundra Barbie."

"Admiral Cuckoo's Nest and his sidekick Annie Yokely."

"Lost 'Nam / Lose Iran"

"Arizona Stockdale and his partner Northern Lite"

"Bob Dole and Katherine Harris"

"Scent Of A Woman and his buddy, Adventures In Babysitting"

"Mr Whiggins and Miss Tudball"

...or does that last one date me a little?


A. Gordon said...

I'm kind of partial to Sidekick and caribou Barbie.

Sidekick from Bob Casey's line about voting w/ Bush 90% of the time doesn't make you a maverick, it makes you a sidekick.

or maybe McSidekick....but it would require a more educated reading audience to understand the reference. Caribou Barbie, however, I think fits just fine.

Anonymous said...

neither the gipper nor Susan Collins

Anonymous said...

How about "Old Cassidy and the Sundance Bitch"?

Anonymous said...

While I am 110% on the side of the Obama/Biden ticket and regret not being able to vote since I am Canadian, I thinkg you should just simply keep it as McCain/Palin. There is no point denigrating their efforts. Their opinions differ (A LOT)from yours and mine, but being positive is a better way to approach this.

BTW, I have found your blog very useful and informative. Notwithstanding my concerns noted above, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wisdom from our northern neighbors. It is tempting to resort to name-calling, but you are right, it's the fact that Obama has stayed above such actions that adds to his appeal.