Saturday, October 18, 2008

Name the Ticket

I've been playing around with other names for the McCain/Palin ticket, other than "Team Crankypants," which is getting a little old--so I want to open it up for suggestions. Here's a few I've been considering:

"Grumpy McSame & Tundra Barbie."

"Admiral Cuckoo's Nest and his sidekick Annie Yokely."

"Lost 'Nam / Lose Iran"

"Arizona Stockdale and his partner Northern Lite"

"Bob Dole and Katherine Harris"

"Scent Of A Woman and his buddy, Adventures In Babysitting"

"Mr Whiggins and Miss Tudball"

...or does that last one date me a little?


A. Gordon said...

I'm kind of partial to Sidekick and caribou Barbie.

Sidekick from Bob Casey's line about voting w/ Bush 90% of the time doesn't make you a maverick, it makes you a sidekick.

or maybe McSidekick....but it would require a more educated reading audience to understand the reference. Caribou Barbie, however, I think fits just fine.

Anonymous said...

neither the gipper nor Susan Collins

Anonymous said...

How about "Old Cassidy and the Sundance Bitch"?

Dave O'Gorman said...

"...and the SunLESS bitch"?

Anonymous said...

While I am 110% on the side of the Obama/Biden ticket and regret not being able to vote since I am Canadian, I thinkg you should just simply keep it as McCain/Palin. There is no point denigrating their efforts. Their opinions differ (A LOT)from yours and mine, but being positive is a better way to approach this.

BTW, I have found your blog very useful and informative. Notwithstanding my concerns noted above, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wisdom from our northern neighbors. It is tempting to resort to name-calling, but you are right, it's the fact that Obama has stayed above such actions that adds to his appeal.