Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Injury Time-Out?

It would appear that this column has managed to secure a small handful of budding devotees, at least two of whom have e-mailed the Key Grip to wonder aloud when the next installment will be posted -- especially now that the McCain campaign seems to have discovered the magic Karl Rove / Lee Attwater formula for distorting the ignoring the facts about themselves and distorting the other guy's record. North Carolina, which was razor-thin before the GOP convention, is now showing an almost inconceivable twenty-point spread. When do we get to dig into such things?

Regrettably, it might be a few days. As a regular migraine sufferer, I have taken to dissolving a Tylenol into a carbonated beverage as my favored treatment--but at home I'm in the habit of using a hammer to do the dissolving, which wouldn't have won me any new admirers at the office this past Tuesday. Instead of simply chewing the thing, which would've worked perfectly well if not all that palatably, I decided it would be a good idea to cut the tablet, using ordinary office scissors--and got a goodly chunk of the meat from the underside of my left middle finger, too. Two days later, even these words are being typed one, painstaking key at a time, using only my right hand.

...The good news in all of this is that the misadventure I've just had with our nation's
radiantly dysfunctional health care system will make for a really, really juicy column. If I don't get a staph infection and die first, that is.

Dave O'Gorman
("The Key Grip")
Gainesville, Florida


vader said...

It is reassuring to me that folks much smarter than I do the same stupid things.

Get well fast!

So we can read more of your writings.

nowherem said...


Dave O'Gorman said...


I'm in a bit deeper trouble than I should be because by the time I was able to get it looked at, it was too late for stitches.

I'm really, *really* flattered to have both of your well-wishes.

Anonymous said...

Agree with OP. I stumbled upon your blog last week, and now I'm hooked. Heal thyself!

Buf while you are recouping... what do you make of this article?

Dave O'Gorman said...

This "lipstick" business seems part-and-parcel of the mismatch in air wars, at the moment. Obama could be running commercials right this moment that consist of fifteen seconds of McCain whining that Obama was attacking Palin, followed by fifteen seconds of McCain saying "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig," himself, about HILLARY CLINTON.