Thursday, September 4, 2008

As We Wait for the Speech, Today's Incoming

Breaking news has just surfaced that Governor Palin required five separate transfers, over the course of six years, to finally earn her bachelor's degree in journalism. Meanwhile, the Alaska State Troopers' Union has filed an official grievance against Palin's administration in Juneau, on the grounds that several of her subordinates apparently reviewed Mike Wooten's confidential personnel files. Of course we all still wait on pins and needles, here in politico-junkie land -- not for McCain's speech, but rather for the Monday edition of the National Enquirer, in which it is expected that a long-standing extramarital affair between Palin and her husband's business partner will be revealed.

Last but surely not least, there is this link to an uproariously funny (if also infuriating) montage of double-standards by Republican talking heads, as compiled and reported by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

The countdown to Old Man Crankypants, continues....

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